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Chronic pain syndrome

as was first diagnozed by Dr. John Sarno

Many people suffer from chronic pain. Over the years they run from treatment to treatment and from therapist to therapist and find no relief for their suffering. There are better times and there are terrible times. Sometimes the pain subsides in one place and then attacks in another. Sometimes the pain is tolerable and then suddenly, out of nowhere, comes an attack of severe, unbearable pain. Life in the shadow of pain is a limiting and disruptive life. Every layer of life is affected: work, personal relationships, social connections. moods, avoidances and more. Those whose lives revolve around pain surely know what I'm talking about.


For years I myself suffered from pain and although I practice yoga regularly and I believe in the healing power of Yoga, It strengthened me, increased my balance and flexibility but ultmatly Yoga did not help me with my pain. 

It was during the closures dew to COVID when terrible pain attacked me again - and I really couldn't walk. I decided this was it! I'm not ready to suffer anymore. A rebellion arose inside me! An emotion that refused to accept that something was wrong with me. With all that the pain was completely real - I was really, really angry! I felt that after all the amazing work I was doing with yoga, that my body was in great shape and could not be blamed for instability, not a mattress - not anything. There was no sense in this very real pain.

I shared with a friend what I was going through and she sent me a link to a movie made about a doctor named Dr. John Sarno, in which he talks about the chronic pain syndrome he called: TMS.


This is where my life changed! I purchased Dr. Sarno's books and read them eagerly. I felt that the books were written for me. I understood what I was suffering from and looked for an Israeli doctor who knows Dr. Sarno's approach and found Dr. Nir Brosh who foundedThe Israeli center for the treatment of pain from an emotional source: TMS,

I understood this: the origin of my very real pain is emotional.


I was accompanied by Dr. Nir Brosh, who taught me that I myself have the power to heal the pain. When I finished the accompanying process, I enrolled in a training course for chronic pain syndrome therapists: TMS. This was possible because you don't need a doctor's training to teach the method: How to empower people so that they can heal themselves from chronic pain. I highly recommend going to the website of the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Pain from an Emotional Source TMS, wandering, reading, checking and researching.


If you suffer from chronic pain, I invite you to contact me personally and let me know how you can treat the pain until it is cured.  

When you delve into studying the subject of TMS, you come across amazing stories about people who were cured of pain that accompanied them for decades. This is an amazing and revolutionary method and it is backed by scientific research.  

Those who know pain, and are looking for healing -  I invite you to contact me for a conversation at no cost and without obligation.

If you know people who this could help - refer them to me.

You are welcome to talk to me and consult.


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