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"There is no point in conquering the mountain quickly. It is the slow, daily, continuous work, without excessive ambition, that in the end achieves the goal. The tortoise succeeds where the hare fails." - Orit Sangupta - the heart of the training.

 Yoga for women leaders!

Are you over fifty? Have you also passed the age of 60?

A daily yoga practice keeps you fit in good health. A daily yoga practice keeps you vital, Flexible, happy, full of power, without the fear of pain restrictions and the fear of old age.

To continue to be a leader, an inspiring leader from a stable and quiet inner center of Body and mind.

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How good that you came, because I have already prepared a gift for you:
Excellent exercise to prevent knee pain!

A leading woman is always looking ahead! Determined, energetic, curious, striving for prosperity, to always be essential and significant. A leading woman is radiant at any age, from her inner self. Quietly, comfortably and with self-confidence. You have come to the right place to alleviate concerns that naturally come with age. Health concerns, family concerns, losses, pains, difficulties.

The practice of yoga restores the feeling of security in the body, the feeling of competence and self-confidence. This is the place to feel strong, powerful, to be an inspiring leader. The quiet sitting, the breathing practice, the physical positions, build a strong and stable inner center. strengthen the immune system. You deepen and understand the wisdom of the body. The body is always smart, at any age. He does not disappoint!


I invite you to meet me in many and varied practices here on the site. Completely free exercises, courses at a nominal price, and you can also meet me on a daily basis, at the "Yogist Club for Women Leaders", a digital yoga club for subscribers who want a relaxed and challenging workout, at their home, at a time convenient for them.

I invite you to my world. The world of yoga, which is far beyond "gymnastics", is a way of life! Go deeper into yourself, get to know yourself, be filled with the energy of life and creation  and be happy! You are welcome to write to me by email, also by WhatsApp. I will be happy to answer any question, I love contact!



What if I suggested you go back in time?
5 years back, 10 years back, 
40 years back! What do you miss? 
For lightness? to laugh? To Tom? For creativity?

So I want to tell you - this girl is still there! Fresh, creative, enterprising, full of energy! You can reach her, she is waiting for you to find her! 

"Yogist Club for Women Leaders"  is my flagship program.
Digital yoga studio, for women committed to growth and progress always!
In the club over 350 yoga classes: body practice, breathing exercises, guided meditation.
Deep and inspiring yogic texts, many hours of valuable practice.

The program allows you to train on a daily basis, independently together with me.
To receive a lot of content, direction and guidance from me, ask questions, share the experience and more. 

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