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Yoga practices
Get access to excellent yoga exercises to strengthen muscles,
to improve posture, balance and flexibility,
Breathing and meditation practices
and deep and inspiring yogic texts

Full yoga classes lasting over half an hour as well as short classes that focus on a certain topic such as: strengthening knees, classes that focus on breathing exercises, meditation exercises and more. 

מועדון היוגיסטיות

Course - standing postures
Three full yoga classes
with an emphasis on standing positions.
Standing postures build posture,
keep the balance
Strengthens, relieves back pain
The price: 179 NIS
No time limit
for purchase

וירקשאסאנה בהוד השרון.jpeg

More short and excellent exercises

And something completely new!
Free course: "Feeling good about myself" - how to schedule a daily yoga practice. 4 great yoga classes!Register here

SURYA NAMASKAR The salutation to the sun

study thoroughly and in depth,

the sequence of the sun salutation practice.


Practicing the sun salutation makes your day! You can practice one blessing,You can practice several blessings in a row, you can also practice 108 blessings  - which is a really amazing practice.

The instructions are very precise,  out of attention,step by step,

while making adjustments to different body conditions andfor different abilities. 

special attention, For challenging poses for the lower back.

In-depth and accurate explanations and adjustments for those who are just starting out.

It is recommended to practice the sun salutation on a daily basis! 


"When you don't have a plan - someone else puts you in their plans..."
(A great sentence I heard from Adi Or Paz  a coach for happiness and fulfillment)


Golden Chakra

Frontal yoga classes, massive presence in social networks, 

Digital yoga classes, conversations about yoga, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, Tik Tok,

And especially within the thriving Facebook community: "The Yoga Club", 

My mission is to arouse in you a well-founded and tangible feeling of: "Wow! I can really do it too"!

With determination, stubbornness and persistence, step by step, action after action (and more action...)", to show you that it is possible to soar above an emotional flood, it is possible to rise above self-doubts and in their place  - create an exciting momentum. Live life of  power and confidence. 

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