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Roni Amber

A little more about me,

Lives in the north, in Abtalion in Mashgav. Just above the valley of Beit Netufa. Born in Tel Aviv, and for many years I lived in Kibbutz Geva where my children were born and raised.

Before I taught yoga, I was a teacher in the education system for many years: a teacher of literature, Israeli thought, art and of course an educator, in high school.

Graduated from Levi'nana Yoga senior teacher course - in 2009.

Love literature very much! I love art very much! I love nature! 

Painter, active in social media sees it as a tremendous leverage for promotion. 

Very curious, captivated by technology, excited by the possibilities that the future holds within it.

Very devoted to my family: my partner Rami and my four adult children.

Crazy and crazy about my three amazing grandchildren.

Loves children and is excited by them, loves nature and is excited by it,

I love my time, very much!

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