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I set up moAdon Yogist - for women leaders.

I have created many yoga courses and practices, all this   to help women introduce a routine into their livesGoal builds focus and resilience. Bringing calmness, security and joy into their lives.

During a period of change - retirement, yoga helped me develop completely new muscles.Understand what I want, mark a goal, get going, make mistakes, learn, Ups and downs, keep going! to do!

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My story

Before I taught yoga, before I founded the "Yogists Club", before I had a YouTube channel and even before I built a digital yoga course, I was an educator, imbued with a mission and dedicated.  Eager to do, create, run forward. Today I have the same energy with yoga.I retired from the education system and am a yoga teacher, and an entrepreneur!

Here in the video - conversation about text, opening of a yoga class

The most important lesson I learned in yoga is: consistency, perseverance and determination. The physical, mental and conscious muscles that I developed over the years in yoga training - were there for me when I set out on a new path.For many years I have been investing in yoga and this investment has trained me a muscle that has now allowed me to dive into a world I did not know. The yoga training - forged in me the ability of consistency and perseverance, helped me to insist and learn how to bringto youThe message of yoga is to strengthenin youthe desire helpto you for a daily training staff that will helpto you  insisting on fulfilling the missionyour…  and here you are! The world of yoga develops a stable middle in a life of upheavals and changes. 

I invite you to my world: if it's through courses I've built, some are free, some are paid. I built an introductory course, for those who are attracted to yoga but hesitate, are still at the beginning and want to get closer in small and safe steps. It's important for me to spread the message, you can! You can dream, you can fulfill, you can influence! Out of fun and a lot of creativity! At the base of all this - daily study and deepening in yoga training. Training that strengthens, strengthens, focuses, relaxes and supports! Strengthen and develop yourself, your perseverance muscle through yoga training - and at a time and place convenient for you, without giving up anything. And it's the best! To be master of your time, your right to take time for yourself, train and develop. Build a rewarding workout routine. To learn from me what I am best know.  what I personally train on. I know what it takes to build a habit that becomes part of life, that becomes a lifestyle and we don't rely on someone else's time and referrals. The habit is not binding for a certain day at a certain time or for the availability of a certain teacher.

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